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Designing a Home That Heals

Home is where the heart is; peaceful, quiet and blissfully serene. A home that heals gives you love and vibrates with your energy, designing and decorating such a home comes naturally with the philosophies of ancient spirituality.

We talk of chakras and the flow of energy that keeps our bodies balanced, the same comes true to our home as well. Each corner and direction reverberates with a certain color frequency and pulsates with a life force.

The living room and bedroom inspire a feeling of calmness and tranquility over bright colors. Vintage mandala lotus carved credenza and chakra carved buffets, subtle patinas and lustrous sheer soft curtains create an ambiance of relaxed tranquility.Cozy bedrooms with arched doorways, living rooms decorated with carved panels, your home is a reservoir of energy. Beautiful aged wood and washed textures enhance each space going to the source and connecting with old world traditions. Your home is beautiful and the source of all joy. Guided with energy balance techniques and antique carvings your home attracts love, luck and prosperity in abundance.

Vintage rustic carved woods create a balance between all the latest gadgetry and sophisticated appliances. Earthing grounding antique doors used as headboards or office den doors, carved with ancient symbols of good luck and protection, the patinas and the studded metals telling stories of the past. Rustic sophistication and a relaxed air of going back to the basics being connected to mother earth is the key to creating a healing home.

A meditation room or sacred space that is tastefully decorated and furnished with relaxing subtle color create a positive energy flow. Wall sculptures of Ganesha, Buddha line the wall giving the feeling of being in the ancient caves of Ajanta and Ellora. Your aura is healing at the deepest level of consciousness. The ancient sciences of the vedas, sanskrit mantras play softly in the background. Candlelight gives a softness and a feeling of peacefulness. An authentic damchia or old Indian chest sits in the corner filled with photographs of your loved ones.

Nature has a mysteriously beautiful way of helping us relax surrounded by lush, green trees your patio has a beautiful swing and hand crafted original artisan statuary. The swing is lavishly carved in beautiful wood tones with colorful accent sari toss pillows. An antique Haveli door creates brilliant scenery with colorful and fragrant flowers. An escape to nature after an exhausting day at work, or just enjoy the sun on a lazy afternoon. Design that heals connects you to nature and its beauty that is boldly Mogul!

Decorating Mistakes To Avoid in Your Home

Once you get your own home, there is an excitement to get to the decoration and furnishing part done. All you want to do is paint the walls your favourite colours and add trendy popular furniture items. However, there are few basic décor rules you should follow if you want your home décor to flow.

Here are a few decorating mistakes to avoid.

  • There is nothing wrong with having a passion for modern and strange decorations and furniture items. It is when you are no longer happy with what you have designed that becomes a problem. This could be due to the lack of functionality an item has or the types of colours and themes are outdated.
  • Choosing the paint colour before getting your furniture could be a mistake. Your furniture is the focal point in your home. The colour should only be chosen once you have found your favourite and most comfortable furniture. Choosing a colour first will limit the styles of furniture to choose from.
  • Not measuring the size of the room is another mistake. Everything should be proportional in your house to ease the perfectionist in you. Before purchasing an item at a furniture store, measure the space where it will be placed. This will help you choose the correct sized furniture and keep the room spacious.
  • It is okay to keep the lounge suite the same style but it might be overwhelming to you to see a constant colour or type of wood throughout a single room. There should be contrasting objects that lighten the room and create an elegant and modern aura.
  • There are some people that have an obsession with collecting strange items. That’s fine as long as you have an allocated space for these collections. Having strange looking furniture like high tables can also be wasting the space you need for dining room tables. Practicality is important when decorating your home.
  • Avoid cluttering the room. You might love all your indoor plants, vases and figurines but there will be a point when it becomes too much for one room. Decorations should be there to create a beautiful appearance and not fill up as much space as possible.
  • Using uncomfortable chairs in the dining room simply because they are the latest trend can be a mistake. They might be the new fad and a must-have item but it’s important to test the quality and comfort levels so that you won’t regret the purchase one day.
  • It is important to match the size of the lounge suite with the proportions of the room. This is where measuring, depth and entryways need to be considered. If the lounge suite is too big it will take up unnecessary space and cause discomfort.

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Tips To Make Painting Your Home Easier & Efficient

Most people start cringing as the time to begin house painting draws near. Artistic expression and creative liberty take a back seat, all the planned ideas start seeming impractical, and what stays afore is the laborious task at hand.
A single mistake can render futile – or at least take all the charm away. But, a smart man still looks ahead at the final result without dreading any careless mistake along the way, because he has at hand a few tips that help him work around any problems.

So when painting your home, don’t fear what may go wrong. Instead, wait eagerly for when it all turns out alright with these smart tips as your guide:

• Painting directly over oily, dirty, surfaces will prove to be fruitless as the paint will easily peel off. Clean grimy areas with a heavy-duty cleaner before painting to solve this problem.

• Mix a few cans of paint beforehand to maintain a consistent colour throughout the room. Opening a new paint can while in the middle of a wall might leave slightly varying shades of the colour. Mixing the same paints together eliminates the problem.

• Paint the trim before the walls and the ceiling. It’s easier to tape off the trim than it is to tape off the walls. While painting the trim, one doesn’t need to be neat either as the paint that gets onto the walls is covered later.

• A single coat of paint isn’t usually able to hide the underlying colour on the trim. To ensure a smooth finish, one must sand the trim before each coat of paint is applied.

• Avoid lap marks by rolling up to the full height of the wall and keeping a wet edge. Lap marks occur when one paints over a part that has partly dried already. Maintain a wet edge by reloading the roller often.

• Treat wall patches with prime and texture to avoid a blotchy finish. Wall patches absorb the paint and dull the surface. Primer seals the patches and blocks the paint from sinking in.

• For a perfect edge, let the paint dry before cutting the tape loose. Since paint forms a film between the tape and the wall, removing the tape also tears a little dried paint off the wall. To avoid this, slice through the film with a sharp knife when the paint is completely dry.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Ceiling Medallion for Your Home

A ceiling medallion makes an amazing accent for a diverse range of ceiling lighting types, from ceiling fans to chandeliers. At its basic, a ceiling medallion is an ornamental piece that glams-up and improves the surrounding areas around the roof canopy, where the wiring of a chandelier or other light fixture enters the junction box of the ceiling.

These medallions come in a range of finishes and sizes and can be also painted on to match the present room decor. Opt for a medallion size that perfectly fits the light fixtures along with the style and size of the room where it will be placed.

When choosing a ceiling medallion, keep in mind the 5 following pointers:

1. Size of the Ceiling and Room
Calculate the room’s dimensions to decide what size of a medallion would ideally fir space. With the help of a measuring tape, measure both the width and length of the room then multiply both the figures and divide by 7 to estimate the medallion’s size in inches. Also, take into consideration the ceiling’s height. Higher focal rooms and ceilings can be improved with bigger medallions that would otherwise overwhelm a tiny space.

2. Style and Size of the Ceiling Fan
Choose a medallion that ideally fits the size as well as complements the ceiling fan’s style. Medallions should be either larger or smaller than the light fixture – not the foundation but the fixture itself. Matching the medallion’s size to that of the light fixture’s will visually compress the room’s size. Since ceilings fans have a larger radius, you should choose a medallion with a smaller diameter than the fan.

3. To Paint or Not to Paint?
You can match your trim using a nice glossy paint or you can just go for an accent color. A majority of ceiling medallions are purchased primed and ready for paint. The final answer will, of course, depends on your preferences and the present decor of your room. It is always a good idea to get inspired first and then make a final decision, so make sure to look up ideas on the internet.

4. Unsure About the Position? Center It
If you love the idea of owning a medallion but are unsure of where to put it, go for the center position. Symmetry is aesthetically pleasing, and accenting the center point can help tie the room together, especially when it comes to larger spaces.

In order to determine the center of a rectangular room, calculate the length of one of the shorter walls. Determine the wall’s center point and mark it. Do the same for the adjacent wall. Now use a laser plumb or chalk to draw a line between the two points. Continue the process using the focal points of the longer walls. The point where the two lines meet is the center of the room.

5. Take into Consideration the Ceiling Fixtures
When thinking about where to locate a visual feature on the floor, it can be easy to overlook the ceiling’s features. These will impact how you actually perceive the floor. Swag lamps, ceiling fans, and chandeliers tend to draw the eye up and down from their spot. You may put the ceiling medallion in the heart of a room, but if your chandelier is not perfectly centered as well, that variance will give the impression of a misplaced medallion. To correct this issue, try aligning the medallion with the focal point of the fixture, using a plumb line for accuracy.

On the other hand, if you decide to not place the medallion in the center, make sure that it at least looks deliberate. A ceiling medallion that is just partially off from the visual center of a room will look weird and like a mistake. However, if it is pretty clear that it was never intended to be placed in the heart of the room, the asymmetry won’t be as distracting. The secret is to create visual harmony, meaning that the parts should fit with the entire room in a way that each element appears to be in its right place.

Using Lattice Panels to Update Your Design

As homeowners, it is not unusual to want a way to make your home stand out from the rest. As a result, we might look for unique yard art, choose paint colors that exude personality, have art work and architectural elements that show off our style or perhaps create custom art and design pieces that keep us from blending into the crowd.

It is this individuality of design that can cause us to scour the Web, salvage yards, and other resources to find the perfect piece to show off our style. But there is an option that many might overlook, and yet it is one that is not only functional and fun, but a great way to be unique – the answer? Lattice panels.

Lattice panels have long been associated with architecture. Although it is often viewed more as an outdoor element used as part of the foundation of a home, as possible shutters, or perhaps a fenced in area, lattice work has much versatility than that! Today’s homeowners and interior designers are finding that lattice panels can be implemented in a wide variety of ways for both the interior and exterior of a home.

When used outdoors as design elements, the lattice can be pressure treated so that it retains its original color, or so that it keeps the stain you chose for a long time. Then, the panels can be used in numerous ways. Some of the ways that it is implemented in a landscape include:

  • Hiding ugly elements such as an HVAC unit, yet still providing access for repairs.
  • Providing privacy for an outside shower – especially helpful if you have a pool, jacuzzi or other space where people may wish to rinse off before coming inside
  • “Siding” for outdoor structures such as gazebos or pergolas
  • Creating planter boxes or planters for your deck
  • Trellis, gates, arbors and other stand-alone architectural elements
  • Garden fencing
  • Deck skirting, exterior step banisters – yes, these are the expected uses, but they are popular because the panels work so well!

But, the lattice panel is not just for outside. It is also great for home interior décor, too. Some creative ways to use it inside includes:

  • Separating rooms without building a full wall
  • Decorative wall art
  • Moveable panels
  • Headboards

Lattice is a beautiful and practical way to add more style to your home. Take some time to explore the many designs and choices available. Who knows, you might find yourself looking for more unique ways to implement this versatile product in your home.

Design a Conscious Home

Design a Conscious Home: Bring mindfulness into our lives by decorating our house with energy balancing techniques enriched with ancient spirituality, striving to live more conscious lives and evolving in unison with Mother Earth. Become aware of yourself and how you interact with universe leads you with its signs, welcoming us and enveloping us in a huge bear hug. Be self-aware, live consciously, improve you are and how you relate to the world. Let’s begin our journey to living a more conscious life.

So now a question: Does your home enhance your life consciously? Or does it block you?

Our abodes and homes interact with every aspect of our lives and the decisions we take. They can increase stress or when designed with a conscious intention they nurture us and magnify our connection to the world. To live fuller and positive lives we have to feel the positive interaction with the world around us.

Living consciously becomes even better when we create a Conscious Home. A home that is connected to our energy fields or aura and is a reflection of us and our life gives us the nurturing care that we need. Knowing the different fields of energies and how they are connected to the environment and the universe gives us the tools we need to create balanced interiors that inspire our minds and connect our spirit to the Divine.

Creating a conscious home starts with knowing yourself: what calms you, what drives you and what stresses you. You can create a space that supports you, gives you joy and inspires you to excel. Decorating beautifully improves your quality of life. By surrounding yourself with the five elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air and ether, your living space will come alive. Create a space defined with the beauty and charming energy of your beautiful self. Vintage doors from old Indian Havelis carry the energies of the old days, each inscribed with ancient symbols of the sundial and lotus flowers, elephants and vines, bringing the earth and energy elements into your home. Studded with iron and brass they balance the electromagnetic field by grounding the negative ions int to the earth. Armoires and sideboards that are handmade from these old doors are used for the same reason as well, apart from being unique and one of a kind.

Once you create a space, feel the flow of energy. The interiors should engage the senses and enrich the soul. The five senses of sight, smell, touch, feel and hearing should all feel balanced but how do you incorporate each one into your design? Colors play a vital role in sight so the keep colors calming and soothing like blues and greens. Vintage blue Jaipur doors were used to bring in the calmness and tranquility of water as Jaipur is a desert city. Play with water fountains nested with a backdrop of wall sculptures of Krishna and Ganesha, using water as a tool to bring in peace and prosperity.

Eliminate stress with lush potted plants that bring in the earth element. Keep your desk clean and organized, improving the flow of harmony and peace.

Personalize your living space with pillows and blankets, soft sari drapes and pashmina blankets. Wall art that gives you a tingling feeling when you when you see it- use them into your design. Select furniture that tells stories and reflects on you as a person, using it as inspiration to drive you to towards your goal in life.

Finally, create a space that enhances your daily practice of meditation and prayer. Harness your spiritual self- the prana, make your home a sanctuary and connect it with the Divine. The beautiful universe and its sacred elements raise your vibrational energies, deepening your connection and enhancing your spiritual growth – allowing the path to the heart to become vividly clear and evolving the person in you to become who you are.

A conscious home will give you joy, peace, and prosperity. You will smile as you enter your home, feel relaxed and secure in its peaceful tranquility and each moment will lead you to an expansion of a blissful life.

Easy Ways to Customize Your Workspace

Many office interior design companies design interiors with easy and affordable ways in which your company can incorporate color into a workspace.

You can always add interesting elements and throw some colors with some of your personality to your workspace to create a positive environment. Studies have revealed that to bring focus and boost productivity, personalizing your space could be an effective way. Here are some ideas to bring a Confident environment in your workspace.

A touch of nature

A bit of greenery in your workspace help you to be in a calm and relaxed mood. Plants for example succulents are an easy and affordable way to add color and calm to your office and also they require relatively low maintenance which makes them perfect for an office setting. If you enjoy watching trees near your window then add your own touch of nature with a small indoor plant or a vase with flowers.

Find inspiration in words

Encourage your workers to face challenges and overcome them. Choose words that motivate them to take the uncertain path. Make a list of your favorite inspiring quotes and messages. Take a print of it and put it where your employees can see it. You can also keep notes for your employees using colorful noteholders.

Controlled riot of colors

In this era, color plays a unique effect on humans. Color has the ability to evoke an emotion or even transport us to another time. It is the power to have a direct impact on productivity, performance, and comfortability. Even you without knowing it, your productivity may be hampering with dull surroundings. Spruce your surroundings with a well-balanced mix of warm and cool colors. Warm colors create high energy and cool colors can give you a calming environment.

Picture perfect

There’s saying that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words. Add a photograph to your wall of someone you love, which could be a source of relied even on a busy scheduled work. Or you can add a large piece of an art that inspires you and also frame it with a lightweight window molding so that it looks like a faux picture window.

Mini Library

Another efficient way to keep all your company books and documentaries is by building you a Mini library. With a hint of some bold colors, you can make them look more elegant. Make your bookshelf creative with different sizes or shapes to hold different sizes of books or novels or photo albums of the company.

Bean Bags

Nowadays sitting in a roller chair has become boring, although it is gratifying sometimes. That’s when Bean bags come to the rescue. You can customize your workspace with colorful bean bags, lounge chairs or even work sofas. Make your workspace look aesthetic and attractive for clients as well as your employees. Also light also plays an impact on brightening your surrounding work space.

Be organized

Always keep your workspace tidy and organized to show that you are professional. Use stylish hanging organizers or pretty desk containers that co-ordinate with your wall color or area rug. This makes visitors welcome themselves to your workspace. Also a small table lamp with warm light will counteract office’s harsh lighting.

So, these are some of the ways you can customize your workspace. You can be creative and do it yourself or you can hire some best interior designers in Bangalore to help you customize your Workspace. We being office interior designers help in designing office interiors in the most creative way. We understand the recent trends in the society and design accordingly. To know more about our designs

Ask An Expert: Interior Design

Over many years as an Interior Designer, what would be 3 major shifts in consumer preferences during that time?

One thing that comes to mind right away is the shift from stain grade cabinets to paint grade cabinets. White kitchens are back! Clients are trending more towards lighter and brighter over the red/orangey tones of the last decade. Flooring has changed quite a bit with more clients opting for LVP (luxury vinyl plank) throughout their house. LVP has come so far, and is now super durable, easy to maintain and looks crazy real. Thirdly, quartz countertops are now becoming the standard. I rarely spec granite anymore. Quartz is so easy to maintain vs granite and the colors and patterns that are available now mimic everything from natural marble to exotic granites.

What are some future ideas and predictions going forward? Any new trends that may be taking place in 2018/19 and beyond?

Natural woods are very popular right now: hand scraped, wide plank barn board flooring as well as overtly distressed furniture pieces. What is also starting to come forward in design is more of a traditional style again. Details on everything and the use of rich jewel tones are hot right now along with warm metal tones (yes brass is back but in an updated way!).

What are some of the challenges to face in helping customers realize their dream renovation?

A lot of clients are afraid to trust their style intuition. They often fight between their heart and their brain over what they want. Often, they are trying to force themselves to change color palettes or styles from their last house and sometimes its way out of their comfort zone. I always tell clients to listen to their gut. Their home is their sanctuary and they need to feel comfortable, relaxed and love being home.

Are there certain types of renovations that tend to bring the greatest value to the selling price of a home?

Kitchens, Ensuites and basement developments are always the spaces people use the most, therefore increase the value of your home. Those rooms are the ones potential home buyers are looking at predominately because they know those are the areas they will spend the most time in.

How does one get ideas or inspiration to help guide them when considering renovation options?

I will often suggest that clients send me photos of homes, rooms, styles, products that they find on home décor sites. Often clients don’t know what their style is, so if they can show me pictures of things they like, then I can usually understand them better. Visiting showhomes is also an excellent way to find inspiration and new ideas.

Here Are 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Humble Abode

You and your bae have been out on dates a few times, and tonight you are inviting her to your place. Shouldn’t you be caring about how your home looks? Obviously, a clean and tidy home doesn’t equal consent, which means if she likes you, she would like your messy apartment as well, right?

If you are in the thought that she won’t care about those dirty floors and moldy dishes, those soiled bed sheets or your no-furniture bachelor pad, then you are probably living in your fantasy world!

Cleaning your home and tidying it up, would obviously be your first step, but how about going for furniture rental to make your home more inviting? The lowest furniture rental options can really help with your budget. Rent a bed or a cozy couch, or go for a fluffy mattress rental to set the mood. After all, it is your first home date, and everything should be perfect.

Here are 5 simple and inexpensive ways to make your home girlfriend-friendly: –

1. Clear the clutter

Obviously, a bachelor’s pad will be full of clutter, and that’s of no use. Before you call your girl to your apartment, you must clean all the unnecessary stuff to make room for the useful stuff. Get rid of those useless boxes, or the worn-out couch in your living room, and replace them with some quirky options. And if you’re broke, then furniture rental can be your savior.

2. Eliminate the obnoxious smells

Your apartment wrapped in cigarette smoke might feel kosher to you and your buddies, but definitely not your girl. The dirty dishes or the full trash can, the soiled linen or those sweaty gym clothes, there are innumerable reasons that can make your apartment smell like a gas chamber. So, get rid of all those smell causing agents and use a pleasant smelling air-freshener.

3. Add quirky furniture

Furniture adds a sense of volume to your apartment, and when you have a bachelor pad, there are some amazing quirky furniture rentals out there to explore. You can rent a few statement furniture pieces like bean bags or an egg swing or a comfy recliner.

4. Own a real bed

While a mattress on the floor is an eye-catching setup, it isn’t a replacement for a real bed. Don’t worry about stretching your budget as you can rent a bed with ease to make your bedroom look the best! And, there are mattress rental options as well to complete it.

5. Set the mood with the lighting

No one would disagree to the fact that lighting can set the right mood. In moments like these, a relaxed set up that offers cozy comfort levels, along with the right lighting effects, can make things click! Put some floors lamps or tripod lamps to add that much-required gleam to your date night.

Making a good first impression with your home isn’t that difficult, and with furniture rentals conveniently available these days, also it doesn’t require a fortune. Creating a clean and cozy ambience shows the kind of man you are. It’s time to make her feel proud of the choice she has made.

Dover Chenille Rug – What It Is And Its Benefits

Dover chenille rug is a type of rug with lots of microfiber chenille strands. These fiber strands protrude out from the carpet base like hundreds of caterpillars. The carpet base of a Dover chenille sandbar carpet consists of a foam that is about 6mm thick. The microfiber strand is not too long and measures only about 1″ in length. The Dover chenille sandbar carpet doesn’t flatten out easily when it gets trampled.

Pros Of Chenille Rug

Chenille rug is cheap and can be easily afforded by homeowners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bath mat.

  • Dover chenille rug can provides small massages to your feet every time you walk over it. It is good to have your feet massaged every now and then, especially if you walk around the house a lot to do house chores. It will relax the feet and release the tension from standing or walking for too long. The massage on the feet also help to make the blood circulate more effectively. As it massages your feet, it increases your mood.
  • The fiber strands protruding from the chenille rug provide a soft and fluffy bedding for your small animal, for example, guinea pig. You can put the rug in your guinea pig cage. During cleaning time, you just have to overturn the rug and all the poop will fall off. Chenille rug is designed to be odorless and will not attract any odor from the poop.
  • Dover chenille sandbar carpet also works great as a bedding for old dog. Old dogs often have weak legs and they may struggle when getting up. The sticky rubber backing ensures that the rug stays in place so that your dog don’t have to keep pushing the rug across the floor. The price of a small chenille rug is the same as a shaggy dog rug, only the fiber strand is longer.
  • You can put the chenille lavender rug near the entrance door so that your dog can rest on it while guarding the house. When your dog is resting on the rug, he may be inclined to nibble and pull the fiber strand with his teeth. The strands sewn to the rug base are quite tough and won’t come out when your dog bites.
  • The sticky rubber backing is strong enough to keep it in place as long as you are stepping on it. You just have to step on this mat once and it will stick in position. It will not leave any mark.
  • The fat chenille fiber strands are super absorbent and they can absorb a lot of water without giving the feeling of dampness.
  • You just step on it a few times and all the water from your feet will be absorbed into the mat.
  • The chenille rug can also be handy if you regularly bathe your guinea pigs. When they step out, they will shake and wring their body from water and the water would fall on the rug. It will prevent the piggies to make wet footprints all over the floor area.
  • The fiber strand will protect the feet from the cold floor, especially during the winter.
  • The chenille fiber strands are soft and won’t put any marks on your under feet when you step over it. It is the perfect mat for parents who are teaching their little ones to walk. You will need to buy a bigger area rug, for example, the chenille braided rug, if you want to put it in your nursery.
  • Chenille rug does a great job in catching grits and dirt on your feet. It is easy to clean when it is full of dirt. You just shake it and empty the dirt into a dust bin. It can withstand wear and tear. The fiber won’t easily detach when exposed to high traffic.

What Style Of Chenille Rug To Choose

When choosing a Dover chenille rug, you want to make sure that it complements with the theme of your bathroom.

  • A lavender chenille rug looks great in a room with light theme for example, white/pale yellow wall and pale wooden flooring.
  • A Dover chenille sandbar carpet will match perfectly with a brown hardwood floor.
  • Green chenille rug looks like a small patch of bright green grass in the bathroom.
  • There are a few types of chenille rugs. The most common one is rectangle in shape. It is also available in round shape.
  • Sometimes, in the store, you will also come across the Dover chenille braided rug. Oval braided rug is different than the traditional rug as it doesn’t have caterpillar like fiber strands protruding from it. They usually have soft warm color and is perfect for use in a nursery room.

Where To Put Chenille Rugs

The strands on a chenille rug are designed to absorb water. So, if you want to buy a chenille rug, you should put it near a place that is constantly exposed to water splashes like the bathroom’s entrance, and near the kitchen sink.

  • There is a type of chenille lavender rug with U shape that is designed to fit around the toilet seat. This type of rug can keep your feet comfy instead of resting on hard tiled floor for a long time when you are sitting on the toilet to pass motion.

Can You Wash Chenille Rug

Dover chenille braided rug is washable but you must wash it in the right way. There is a tag on the rug that provides instruction on how to wash it.

  • If your rug is light color, it can turn grey fast if there is a lot of foot traffic
  • You will need to wash it to remove the gray color from the rug.
  • The easiest way to wash it is to put it in the washing machine.
  • It will stay puffy and the color won’t fade even after many cycles of washing machine and dryer.
  • You can wash the Dover chenille braided rug about 1 – 2 times a week if you frequently step on it.

Is It Easy To Move The Chenille Rug

It can be troublesome for some people when they want to move the rug to a different position. Because the backing is really sticky, you have to pull it with your hand and tear it from the floor. It is also straining on the back at the same time when you attempt to detach it from the floor surface.